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8 courses that would change your perspective towards Bitcoin, money and the blockchain

You are being robbed every second

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"But how? The money is still in my bank account."


The fundamental properties of money

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the dystopian truth of money

● Fiat currencies and the Fed
● The Gold Standard of the United States, 1944 to 1971
● The controversy of Banks and Bitcoin

the age towards decentralization

● The fore-fathers and pavers of Bitcoin’s technology
● The 2008 Financial Crisis 
● The importance of blockchain and decentralization

crytopcurrency fundamentals

● The fundamental checklist for cryptocurrencies
● The basics of good research
● Making achievable price predictions

the smart networks

● Blockchain networks
● Decentralized finance and smart contracts
● Scalability, interoperability and sustainability  

markets and emotions

● Bull and bear markets
● Managing FOMO and leveraging emotions
● Using market capitalizations to your advantage  

techniques and technicals

● Price actions and patterns
● Understanding charts, basic entry and exit strategies
● Indicators: RSI, Bollinger Bands, etc

nfts, unveiled

● The past, present and future of NFTs
● Use cases, applications, and limitations
● Venturing into the metaverse

the big picture

● A summary and conclusion of all previous 7 sessions
● Further research and examples
● Pop quizzes and certificates VIII

8 sessions

8 key topics

16 hours

From the past to the future, we’ll embark on a journey about money and society. We’ll cover key concepts like Fractional Reserve Banking, Origins of Inflation and Decentralization. Then, you’ll understand the importance of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology.

And don’t worry, there are absolutely no pre-requisites to this course. It’s for everyone.

shinji ong

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Shinji Ong is a stock market and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He has knowledge in both fundamental analysis and trading strategies on the Malaysian market and cryptocurrencies. He is currently the investment portfolio manager of BKAsiaPacific (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, an arbitration firm. He has completed many relevant courses such as MBA Essentials from London School of Economics, Diploma in the Stock Market, International Diploma in Arbitration and Diploma in International Trade. He was also a Unit Trust Consultant for Public Mutual. 


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